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About Course

Today, we are dependent on smart phones and calculators for even simple calculations and numerical thinking. This has paralyzed our brains. We cannot let this continue. Something has to be done!
Learning abacus makes you understand the concept of numbers and improves your mental arithmetic skills and basic arithmetic ability in a short period of time. Basically, math is limited to the area of the left brain responsible for logic languages. Learning Abacus makes you become friends with numbers and eventually love them. This not only stimulates your left brain that is responsible for numbers and logic thinking, but also your right brain responsible for artistic and sensory abilities.
You want to beat the calculator in its own game? If yes, then you got to learn Abacus. This device is maybe simple looking but it can be operated with greater speed and efficiency than even the calculators.
After learning the methods and right amount of practice, Abacus becomes your mental device. And you can do your calculations mentally.

What They will Learn?

  • How to place numbers on the abacus
  • Solve simple addition and subtraction
  • Calculate mixed addition and subtraction
  • Understand friend number of addition for 5
  • Know complementary numbers for 10
  • Be faster carrying out basic operation like addition and subtraction
  • Perform a quick bit of mental arithmetic
  • Understand multiplication and division
  • Calculate mentally with ease by imagining Abacus manipulation in your head

Course Curriculum

level 1

  • GK

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Soft Skills They Will Develop
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Material Includes

  • Total 40 hours of classes
  • 1 hour / Class
  • Weekly 2 Classes / 5 months
  • Offline (group of 10) / Online Individuals / Online groups of 4 (Fixed Time)
  • Certificate of completion
Course Benefits
  • To get optimum scores in their school academics.
  • To be an expert in calculation and to improve the speed and accuracy in mathematics.
  • Children can be engaged actively in an interesting way.
  • Children can develop their skills from the beginning of their learning development stage.
  • Children can concentrate on their interests to avoid mind distraction


  • Abacus device
  • Know numbers and basic operations like addition and subtraction
  • Desire to become friends with numbers and beat the calculator


Target Audience

  • School or college students
  • Students preparing for competitive exams
  • Professionals interested in improving math ability can take up this course.
  • Anyone who knows how to operate Abacus and wants to teach.

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