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About Course

Keen Gamer works in the Scratch platform, which is designed to be primarily targeting beginners in programming. Its visual, block-based interface makes it easy for young learners to grasp programming concepts without needing prior coding experience.

What They will Learn?

  • Learn how to code on my own
  • How to make projects using characters with different coding blocks
  • How to make the character move, jump, run, dance etc..
  • Create fun games on my own

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Soft Skills They Will Develop
Course Overview
  • Starts with an overview of the Scratch interface, including the stage, sprites, and blocks. Students get familiar with the drag-and-drop block-based programming paradigm.
  • Fundamental programming concepts like loops, conditionals, variables, and events are introduced using Scratch blocks.
  • Students may create games, stories, animations, or simulations that helps reinforce concepts and encourages creativity.
  • Debugging and Problem-Solving.
  • Students can design projects that simulate AI behaviors using creative programming techniques
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Material Includes

  • Total 48 hours of classes
  • 1 hour / Class
  • Weekly 2 Classes / 5 months
  • Offline Classes(groups of 10)
  • Online Classes(Individuals / groups of 4) -Fixed Time
  • Certificate of completion
Course Benefits
  • Children can be engaged actively in an interesting way.
  • Children can develop their skills from the beginning of their learning development stage.
  • Children can concentrate on their interests to avoid mind distraction
  • To shape children’s careers by developing skills at earlier ages


  • Computer device


Target Audience

  • Age:6+ years


Age: 6+ years
16 Classes


Age: 9+ years
16 Classes


Age: 9+ years
16 Classes

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