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About Course

Vedic Mathematics is the ancient system of mathematics which was rediscovered early last century by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (henceforth referred to as Bharati Krsna).

The Sanskrit word “Veda” means “knowledge”. The Vedas are ancient writings whose date is disputed but which date from at least several centuries BC. According to Indian tradition the content of the Vedas was known long before writing was invented and was freely available to everyone. It was passed on by word of mouth. The writings called the Vedas consist of a huge number of documents (there are said to be millions of such documents in India, many of which have not yet been translated)

What They will learn?

  • Develop your numerical skills
  • Train your mind for speed calculation
  • Perform better in everyday calculations and exams
  • Increase your Speed as well as Accuracy
  • The techniques can be performed visually and therefore activate your left and right brain
  • Solve algebraic equations in a snap
  • Ace numerical and reasoning sections of competitive exams
  • Become a better data scientist and researcher
  • Master All Sutras of Vedic Mathematics
  • Solve Over 500 Maths Problems Using Vedic Mathematics
  • Learn Speed Maths Tricks to Solve Math Problems Fast
  • Learn to Do Mental Math Without Using Pen and Paper

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Soft Skills They Will Develop
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Material Includes

  • Total 24 hours of classes
  • 45 minutes / Class
  • Weekly 2 Classes / 5 months
  • Offline (group of 10) / Online Individuals / Online groups of 4 (Fixed Time)
  • Certificate of completion
Course Benefits
  • To get optimum scores in their school academics.
  • To be an expert in calculation and to improve the speed and accuracy in mathematics.
  • Children can be engaged actively in an interesting way.
  • Children can develop their skills from the beginning of their learning development stage.
  • Children can concentrate on their interests to avoid mind distraction


  • Basic Knowledge Of Vedic Mathematics


Target Audience

  • Age:12+years

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